JMK Productions

At the James Kenniv Studio, we believe very strongly that the study of music is a foundational element of education. Studies have shown that learning music helps children in the areas of concentration, coordination, patience and endurance. Studying an instrument can also be helpful in strengthening children in specific academic areas, such as reading and math.

And, in case you didn’t know, in the United States alone there are 25,000,000 pianos, 640,000 music teachers and more than 10 million children taking piano lessons! The great philosopher, Plato, captures it well: “Let us describe the education of our men. What then is the education to be? Perhaps we could hardly find a better method than that which the experience of the past has already discovered, which consists, I believe, in gymnastics for the body and music for the mind.”

Here, at our studio, we offer music education in a variety of ways, from teaching weekly private lessons, as well as providing several vocal and instrumental ensembles. Other services revolve around writing and arranging music for various individuals or groups, as well as recording projects done in our recording studio. We hope you will join us in our quest to provide quality music and music education to our community.